Подберите одно слово, подходящее ко всем четырем предложениям. Форма слова во всех контекстах одинаковая.
1.Russian tea (zavarka) is brewed and is traditionally served in a samovar urn.Wasabi is a Japanese horseradish that has a odor and taste.Cuban cuisine has Spanish and African influences.What foods make you feel and healthy?
Refrigerators … it possible to store leftovers and other perishable foods.Starches are … of sugars, but they do not taste sweet.What changes should be … to your diet and why?Today’s high-tech products would have … a great difference in the lives of our ancestors.
Excess protein is … on the digestive system.Mollusks, like clams, are shellfish with a soft body and a … shell.Pastry dough will be sticky and … to handle.Muscles that work … use more oxygen.
Science can help us make smart choices when it … to choosing a healthy weight-loss plan.The human body … in diverse shapes and sizes.This dish uses the colors of the flag of Italy, where it … from.Cooking for the freezer also … in handy.
Waiters rely on the income from … .Millions of recipes are available for free on the Web, along with comments, … , and ratings.Not to cause the … of your knives to break, keep them sheathed when storing.If a mug … over, the liquid will spill everywhere.


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