1 Вставьте am(not) ?are (not) is (not)

1) I ... a student of mining

2)Crop and animal farming ... the main branches of agriculture

3) The manager ... in the office

4)Agriculture and manufacturing ... important in all economies

5)You ... a student. You ... a manager of an agricultural company

6)Crop farming ... possible in the central regions of Russia in early spring

7)I ... a student of medicine,I ... a student of the economics department

Fuel ... important for all industries

2 Сделайте следующие предложения отрицательными и вопросительными

1-Crop farming is very important for every economy

2-Processing is important for all mineral resourcess


Ответы и объяснения

Crop farming is very important for every economy1)am
5)are,are not
6)is not
7)am,am not
Does crop farming important for every economy?
Crop farming is not very important for every economy
Processing is not important for all mineral resourcess
Is processing important for all mineral resourcess