Ответы и объяснения

May I come in? (могу я войти?)
I can do that. (Я могу это сделать)
i could not find him. (Я не смог найти его)
Can you help? (Вы можете помочь?)
I can hear the music. (Я слышу музыку)

May I do what I like? 
May I ask you a question?
May I go?
May I talk loudly here?
May I sit down?

 I can swim a littleI
can speak and read EnglishI
 can hear what you sayI
can finish this workI
can take you home

could you give me the photo,please?
could you open the door,please?
could you  give me MP3 player,please?
could you give pen,please?
could you give