Помогите с английским до четверга
нужно составить сочинение на тему:
talk about your last weekend.
и тут дан план:
1.часть:where you spent the weekend
2.часть:what you did at the weekend

Вопрос один: тебе как написать? Что был дома на выходных, ездил к родственникам, ездил на отдых?

Ответы и объяснения

 I went to visit my grandmother in the village. The village is located 400 kilometers from my home. In a way I am so tired that I slept for one full day. On the second day I got up early in the morning and immediately took up the case. I helped my grandmother in all cases: weeded beds in greenhouses, look after pets, cleaned the house. I rested from the city and is happy to help her.