Insert the prepositions after,at,through,for,to, to make the sentences complete.
1)We are looking forward ... the day when things will be a bit easier.
2)It's hard work looking ... the three children all day.
3)John was looking ... work as a manager.
4)We spent half the morning looking ... the keys.
5)Would you like to look ... the magazine before I take it?
6)I'll look ... these files and see if I can find a copy of the letter.
7)Oscar couldn't see what his aunt was looking ...
8)They looked ... the dog for us while we were away.
9)I'm really looking forward ... working with you.
10)I'm looking ... Jim.Have you seen him anywhere?


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2. After
4. For
6. Through 5. Through
7. At 8. After 10. For