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My family is large. I live together with my parents and my grandmother. And I have a sister. My mother’s name is Valentina . My mother is 34 years old. She has a nice appearance. She isn’t tall, she is one meter and 64 centimeter high. My mother goes in for sports, she is fit and very attractive. She has brown eyes and short curly brown hair. I look like my mother. My mother works at school, she teaches Russian literature.  My aunt’s name is Larisa . She has a son Artem , so I have a cousin too.My father’s name is Alexander. He works at a building enterprise as an architect. My father is 5 years older than my mother. He is tall and handsome. His hair is of a lighter colour than that of my mother. His eyes are blue. My sister’s name is Svetlana. She is 19 years old. She likes reading and listening to the music. My sister isn’t married yet, but a good friend of hers, Denis, visits us quite often.  Now Svetlana is graduating from a university. She is going to be a doctor like our grandmother.My Grandma’s name is Marie. She is 70 years old. She likes to sit by the window with our cat in her lap. On warm days Grandma also likes to go for a walk in the nearest park with my little brother.
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