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DearSt. Nicholas. I am very glad that there is such a holiday, which is named afteryou. I really like what you waste your time and moneyand walking at night from December18 to December19, hawking children and adults and also gifts. I also write to you, that you broughtme some gifts.
1. I want a pair of socks, warm but not gross, because I go toschool in meshtah but feetare freezingbecause my mother did not allow me to walk in sneakers.
2. Slightly sweet, but morethanLena.
3. Corrector (such as a pen).
4. Lip (anyone I Alena does what mom bought).
5. A sweaterto wear for golf, because a golf schoolis very cold, and when I put two, then the bottom always looks.
6. Moneyor 50 or 20 USD (new).
7. Softtoys (Required!)
8. Inkpen, but with a purple cap, and the pen.
P.S. If you can, then clipper for T. I., and if not, then another 50 USD
правда чуть чуть детский