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About my self     My full name is Sasha Bureev. I’m ten. I was born on the twelfth of  November, in 2002 year. I am a student. I study at gymnasia. I study Math, English, Music, Ukrainian , Nature-study and soon. my favorite lesson is math. I live in Shostka. I like-play tennis, play computer games and play football. I dislike gardening and drawing. I live with my mother, father and 2 sisters. My younger sister lives with me and my elder sister lives in Kyiv. I have many friends. They live in different places of Ukraine - Kherson, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Kiev. When they are far from me we communicate through the Internet. My best friend is Misha. He lives next to my house. I play tennis three times a week after school. Starting this year I began to attend the music school to learn to play the guitar. My greatest hobby is playing football. I want to be a traveler. Because this is very interesting to see many countries and people  
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