НАПИШИТЕ ОТВЕТЫ ПЛИИИЗЗ)Учитель задал на листочках...
The first amusement parks appeared near busy beaches in the USA. People(11) visit them from as early as the 1800"s .When Walt Disney created the first "theme" park in the world he (12)that it would be popular . It certainly was. He(13) it in 1955 in California and it still (14)many tourists to the USA today. In fact the park was so successful that similar parks soon (15)in other cities of the USA as well as in Tokyo and in Paris. They are not only the places (16)people have fun there is also a lot they can (17)as well. A day out at an amusement park on a sunny day (18)always a good idea . People of all ages visit these parks(19) relax and enjoy their free time. One day there (20)a Disney theme park in every country of the world.
11. A) used to B) used C) use to D)were use to
12. A)hoped B) is hoping C) has hoped D)were hoping
13. A)build B)built C) has built C)had built
14. A)bring B) brought C)brings D) has brought
15. A)opened B) will open C)would open D) have opened
16. A)that B) where C)when D) who
17. A) learn B)to learn C)learning D)learned
18. A)was B) are C)is D)will
19. A)so that B) in case C) in order D) to
20. A)is B)be C) will be D)going to be


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