поставьте пожалуйста глагол в скобках в равильное время (Present Perfect or Past Simple)..........

I (shout) at them and they (run ) away.

Anyone (see) my dictionary? I can’t find it.

When I (get) home late yesterday evening my dad very angry.

I (know) Helen for 10 years. We (study) at university together. She was one of the best students.

I (order) a taxi to take me to the airport. So we’ll be on time.

Peter (not/eat) all the bread and butter, he (leave) some on the plate.

He (have) interested in jazz ever since he(leave) school.

We (have) a lovely time in Wales.-So you (enjoy) your holiday didn’t you?

I (use) to like swimming but I don’t now.


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shouted, ran

Has... seen


have known, studied

have ordered

hasn't eaten, has left

has had, left

had, enjoyed