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Straight edge

Straight edge (English a way straight, in abbreviated form sXe) — more philosophical branch of pank culture, movement or is faster a way of life which characteristic features are full refusal of drugs (including legal alcohol and tobacco), legibility in sexual communications, and also political views, characteristic to all pank movement.
Whence they undertook

Initially arisen in the environment of American the punk rock of executors as the appeal against popularisation of an image ‘ the dirty eternally not drying out punk ’, Straight edge has quickly turned to the etiko-world outlook movement putting on the first place idea of self-checking and a personal liberty, and in the beginning 80 became enough распространным a choice among the American punks, especially in Washington and Boston where very powerful hardcores-scenes were formed. To the middle 80 this culture has extended and for limits of States though prior to the beginning of 90 big distributions on other continents has not received.