Напишите сочинение на тему "мое любимое время года" на английском

Пожалуйста напиши еще раз!! у меня что то стерло с
плизззз мне очень нужно!!!!
я тебе дам 20 балл
какой размер сочинения?

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Spring - this is my favorite time of year . I think that many people love to spring for her beauty . Only in the spring you can enjoy all the pleasures of nature , forgetting everything else, to sit for hours , watching the flowers bloom on the trees , listen to the chirping of birds and the gentle whisper of spring wind . And , sometimes, you wake up early in the morning , you will run into the garden to meet the dawn . And , you know, I think that there is something unusual , something fascinating . And you did not try to get out early spring morning for a walk. If not , you will certainly advise you to do it. Only early spring morning so easy to breathe in the garden , and if you look around, observe nature and add a bit of imagination , you will certainly get a fabulous picture . I especially like to watch the tulips for spring morning when they jiggle under whiff of an easy morning breeze and under the first rays of the sun sparkling dewdrops on their small golovkah.Navernoe , not without reason , in the spring people celebrate International Women's Day - March 8 . After all , women - these are the same colors . Just any flower needs for intimacy and care. After all, if care for the flowers , they will give us their beauty. I'd like to every woman around the globe felt flower this spring.