25 п
26 пкт!!! Read the text bellow and choose the best alternative for each space.

Life at university — a student writes

I enjoyed business studies at school and wanted to (0)....my knowledge of the subject so I decided to study it at university. Also I knew it would be (26)....later when I looked for a job. At first, the course wasn't quite (27)....I had expected because it didn't cover the subjects I was particularly interested (28)....We spent lots of time studying a range of subjects (29)....law and economics but I soon (30)....these are things you need to understand.

In class we work in groups, preparing ideas, we then (31)....them with the others. Now we're learning how to make business plans and we can see how they would (32)....aPPty to the world of business. We have a very busy (33)....life at university so whatever subject you study, you must be (34)....on it or yon won't make yourself fintl the (35)....to study.

0 A increase B grow C fill D correct
26 A likely B useful C possible D hopeful
27 A that B which C what D than
28 A by B with C of D in
29 A so B as C such D like
30 A explained B realised C showed D believed
31 A divide B join C share
Дополнен 3 года назад32 A actualty actualty B B just просто C C presently в настоящее время D D exactly точно
33 33 A party участник B B evening вечер C C social социальный D D free свободный
34 34 A glad приятный B B keen острый C C clever умный D D quick быстрый
35 35 A time время B B period период C C day день D D hour час


Ответы и объяснения

0.  a)increase
26. b) useful
27. c) what
28. d) in
29. d) like
30. b) realised
31. c) share
32. a) actually
33. c) social
34. b) keen
35. a) time