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What is going to happen? Write it down.
Example: You and your friends got an invitation letter from English students. You (visit) / Great Britain.-We are going to visit Great Britain.
1.Linda has a toothache. She (see) the dentist.
2.They decided to arrange a picnic. They (have) a nice time.
3.Andrew has a little sister. His parents are busy today. He (stay) with his sister.
4.It's the weekend. It's sunny and warm. We (walk) in the park.
5.Some British students would like to come to Russia in October. We (invite) them.


Ответы и объяснения

1. She is seeing the dentist
2. They are having a nice time
3. He is staying with his sister
4. We are walking in the park
5. ... we are inviting them
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