помогите пожалуйста!!! мне нужно минисочинение размером в 5-6 предложений (лёгких) о каком нибудь времени года на английском! выручайте!!))))


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When December is approaching there is a breath of winter in the autumn air. The cold makes the hands cold and stiff. Soft, white snowflakes are falling thick and fast covering the ground and roofs. When the branches of the fir trees and pines are covered with snow they look beautifully. The snow lies thick upon the ground and birds hop about looking for food. A lot of icicles all glittering in the sun hang from roofs of houses. Winter is a jolly time for children.They make snowmen and play snowballs. When the weather is fine children and grown-ups go skiing, skating or sliding down the snow covered hills.