Ребяяяяяяят!!!Помогите пожалуйста,ничего не успеваю,еще по химии кучу делать)))Помогите написать письмо на тему My pocket money,120 слов)) желательно не из написанных уже))


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4 Popov Street

16 December 2013

Dear (вставишь кто)

I was very happy to receive your letter. I think it's not good that your parents want you to earn money by doing the housework.

I will try to answer your questions. My parents give me money without any requirements. Usually my pocket money is spent on clothes. My parents are against it. They always say that I should spend the money they give on more useful things.

I hope you and your friends had a great picnic. How often do you go to picnics? Do you prefer going with friends or family? What did you mainly do in the countryside?

I hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes,