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Dear Polina Thank you fpr your letter. I am Nastya. Iam from Russia. My country is large and beautiful. There are many cities and towns in Russia.But l live in the contry. I live with my mum and dad.Our horse isn't big. There is a green garden with apple thees and flowers behind my house. There is a river next to the forest.My friends and I swim there in summer. There is an old bridge over the river. We've got a cow,file sheep, a horse, a dog and a cat. I like to read books adout seas, oceans, mountains and deserts. Write me adout your county and your town, please. Your pen friend,Nastya.


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Hello, dear friend! How are you? As study? I'm fine, in last days off we with parents were in an aquapark. You know that in our small town of the aquapark isn't present. We went to the next city to relatives on a visit, and I visited for the first time an aquapark. There very much it was pleasant to me. In an aquapark there are a lot of different pools, attractions. For children separate pools are. There are a lot of toys and different hills. I too went down several times on such hill together with water. I liked it very much! At first it was terrible, but then parents couldn't pull out me from water – so there it was pleasant to me! In an aquapark I got acquainted with two children, they appeared from our city, we exchanged phones and one of these days we go for a walk in park. In an aquapark is not only pools. There both pizzerias, and cafe. I anywhere yet didn't eat such tasty pizza. In an aquapark I most of all liked attractions. That at them there is a water – very interestingly. I want to note that water not cold, but very pleasant and the most important the pure. Time in an aquapark flies imperceptibly, and me if it is honest, it would not be desirable to leave at all. Parents promised me that in a month we again there will go. Come also you! Here so I spent the last days off. I wait from you the letter with the story how you visited camp. Bye!