С 9 номером помогите очень СРОЧНО
перевидите на русский..)
за эт даю 15 баллов

Буду благодарна просьба если будут все переводы тогда сделаю лучший ответ

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1. In Africa, a lot of tigers and lions .2 . Elephants like bananas .3 . Monkey funny animals .4 . Cats know how to swim ?5 . My cat is very beautiful : her bright green eyes and red thick hair .6. Do you love dogs? - Yes . I love big dogs .7. Your parents work on Saturdays ?- No . On Saturdays we sometimes go to the park with the whole family .8. Your friend is a good swimmer ? - Yes . He lives in Samara. It floats in the Volga.9. Look ! What's on the tree? - Big beautiful bird .10 . Your brother loves cats ? - No, he onli loves the computer. It's his hobby.11. Giraffes live in Russia ? - Yes, at the zoo.