Express the same idea using reported speech and the verbs in brackets.

Model:"I have a headache," the boy said, (complain) — The boy
complained that he had a headache.

1. The doctor said, "You shouldn't go out today." (warn)
2. "Your son has had two detentions this week," the teacher told the boy's mother, (inform)
3. "I'll go home," the boy told himself, (decide)
4. "Yes, this dress is very nice," the mother told her daughter, (agree)
5. "I won't do it again," said the girl, (promise)
6. "Kate started the fight," Peter told his teacher, (complain)
7. My brother said, "I won't answer this question." (refuse)
8. "It was my mistake," the manager said, (admit)
9. "Phone your friend Robert," the mother told her son. (advise)
10. The father said to his daughter, "I agree with you." (agree)
11. Melanie wrote to Ann, "I'll come to your birthday party." (accept)


Ответы и объяснения

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1. The doctor warned I shouldn't go out that day. (warn)
2. The teacher informed the boy's mother,her son had had two detentions that week.(inform)
3. The boy decided  he would go home.
4. The mother agreed with her daughter  that dress was very nice.
5. The girl promissed she wouldn't do it again.
6.  Peter complained to his teacher that Kate had started the fight.
7. My brother refuced, he wouldn't answer that question.
8.  The manager admited it had been his mistake.
9.  The mother advised her son to phone his friend Robert.
10. The father agreed with his daughter.
11. Melanie accepted Ann, he would come to her birthday party.