Сочинение-совет на 70-90 слов на темукак найти друзей в новой школе


Ответы и объяснения


So, if you want to have a lot of friends at school, you should follow these statements.
First of all, work with yourself. Be optimistic, friendly person. In order to make friends with somebody you should be outgoind and sometimes chatty. If you keep a low profile (держишься в тени), pupils just can't see you. Be yourself and you'll make lots of good friends.
If I were you, I would like to introduse myself to other students. Ask your new teacher to do it and all your classmates will know your name, where are you from and other general things. If someone will be really interested in you, he'll ask other different questions.
You shouldn't show off! Cheldren of all ages hates it. Be simple, but interesting person.
Then, you can take part in school competitions with your class - usually it helps people to feel themself a part of a sistem.
My idea is that you should be friendly, outgoing and active person and you'll make a lot of good friends and fellows.