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I want to tell you about the cat . This furry little animal lives at my grandmother . I really like it, despite the fact that such a brazen cat I have not seen anywhere else.
His name is just gray or silver color for The gray wool. This lively and bouncy , like a ball , a young beast . Most recently he was a kitten .
Gray all the time required is, how much would it not fed ! Without compunction he meows loudly in the kitchen revolves underfoot, climbs on the table, fumbles on packages . If the grandmother did not immediately feeds him this insolent biting her legs ! And while the cat looks pretty beefy .
Cat afraid of my grandfather . When my grandfather in the kitchen, on the table Grey climbs and puts his front paws and there sniffing plates .
But without a gray cat would be boring ! When he walks in the yard , you feel that something is missing. Seemingly home safely . Nobody meows bad voice , no fawns , does not climb in the face with wet mustache. You do not have all the time to watch your step , you do not accidentally step on Gray . But for some reason not wait , when it comes this harmful cat !
I like it when I'm sitting on the couch , and finally fed cat jumping on my lap . By the way , Gray makes it uninvited. On his knees , he began to prepare himself a place to stay. Funny cat marking soft paws tickles fawn . And then purred loudly , as if the tractor rumbles ! For this kindness to my beloved cat can forgive everything!