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I am a student in the eleventh year of high school and would like to tell you about it .This is an old four-story red brick building . The building is very cozy, and I'm sure all the students love it there . This is a real home and not only for those who is studying , but also for all employees. What I particularly like about my school is that all audiences are large, bright and well equipped . On the ground floor there is a spacious hall. On the second floor auditorium , where are all the meetings, conferences , concerts and celebrations . On the third floor there is a large library, Ged can find almost any desired book. In our school there are all sports , including a gym and a swimming pool on the ground floor , as well as a playground with basketball court and tennis court outside. This ensures that our students have the opportunity to engage in various sports .We attend classes six times a week, after school take part in various extracurricular activities , engaged in circles and clubs. In our school you can sing in the choir, play in the orchestra , drawing, visiting English club or drama club . I think it's important to note that all of them are free and sponsored by the Ministry of Education . As for me, I visit the English club , classes which focus on in-depth study of language development and communication skills.I am also proud of the long tradition of our school. One of them - it is the student exchange program , and which involved the United States and United Kingdom . Many of our students participated in this program and visited these countries. Another tradition is a good homecoming , where former students come to our school to meet with their teachers and classmates . Such meetings are very touching. They are held every first Saturday of February .The only thing I do not like in our school - it is a necessity to wear uniforms, but those are the rules and we have no right to change them .I am sure that I will never forget my school because my first friends , first love , first achievements and disappointments associated with school life .