Complete each sentence with one
of the derivatives
31. He has the ... habit of interrupting other people.
A) annoy 8) annoying C) annoyed D) annoyance
32. She closed the door ... so that not to wake up her parents.
A) quiet 8) quite C) quietly D) quitely
33. He was ... with the results of his exam.
A) pleasure 8) please C) pleasant D) displeased
34. The river is long, but what's its ...?
A) wide 8) widen C) width D) wideth
35. Many students have to seek ... after college.
A) employer 6) employee
C) unemployed D) employment
36. The actors in the film are completely
A) knew 8) unknown C) knowing D) disknown
37. Some sea creatures live in the most ... places.
A) likeable 8) likely C) disliking D) unlikely
36. Many old people think life was a lot ... than it is today.
A) best 8) gooder C) better D) well
39. In the picture you can see the women ....
A) shopping 8) to do the shopping
C) to go to the shop D) to shop
40. The child was punished for his
A) misbehaviour 8) disbehaviour
C) misbehaved D)Misbehaved


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