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Ask the questions to the following sentences:
1. I am going to help you. (What?)
2. We are going to travel abroad. (Who?)
3. My friends will visit us tomorrow. (When?)
4. He can see three pupils in the picture. (How many?)
5. Helen was late yesterday. (Why?)
6. They started that work last week. (When?)
7. Jack plays football at the stadium. (Where?)
. Ask the tag questions to the following sentences:
1. They are going to study Literature, ...?
2. We shall spend our holidays in Great Britain, ...?
3. His friend can speak English very well, ...?
4.I never play tennis in winter, ...?
5. You are not a doctor, ...?
6. The girl helped her granny about the house last week, ...?


Ответы и объяснения

1. What are you going to do?
2. Who are going to travel abroad?
3. When will your friends visit us?
4. How many pupils he can see in the picture?
5. Why was Helen late yesterday?
6. When did they start that work?
7. Where does Jack play football?
Номер 2
1. aren't they?
2. shall not we?
3. Can't he?
4. Don't i?( тут может ошиблась)

5. Are you?
6. Didn't she?