помогите написать текст на английском языке (желательно с переводом) на тему моё любмое домашнее животное собаку зовут Баффи (девочка)

срочно нужен текст к понедельнику

Ответы и объяснения

I always wanted to have a pet. One day, on my birthday, my parents gave me a dog. I always dreamed about it. Since that time we have another member of our happy family. We named the dog Buffy. This name is very suitable for her.
Her breed is called a boxer. She is a dark red colored dog, with white spots on the chest and abdomen. She also has white spots on the feet, which are very similar to socks. Her muzzle is black-colored. Buffy hair is very short and fine, pleasant to the touch. My dog has very beautiful eyes of dark walnut color. It is always possible to determine her mood in the eyes. Sometimes they look fun and playful, another time - they are smart and serious.
Buffy - is a strong, muscular and very energetic dog. She likes to go for a walk and to run. I enjoy playing with her. She performs a variety of commands and tricks. Buffy is very cheerful and friendly. She has a docile nature. She often plays with my friends. Buffy always senses the mood of the people. If I'm upset about something, she tries to comfort and entertain me.
Buffy has become a real member of our family. She is my true friend and defender.
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