(35 баллов за лучший ответ )What have the children already done and what haven't they done yet?Look at the list of things they made some days ago .
Пример - 0)to clean the house (Alise and Ally) - Alise and Ally howe arleady cleaned the hause
1)to wash the dishes (Alice ) - .........
2)to water flowers (Ally) - .........
3)to buy cheese , chips.fruit,juice,lettuce(Ally)
4)to make sandwiches (the girls)
5)to make toast (the girls )
6)to bring cola (the mother)
7)to prepare games(Alice)
8)to repair the DVD player(the father)
9)to sweep the paths in the garden(Alice)

пожалуйста помогите ,я могу даже за лучший ответ вк голоса вам кинуть

Ответы и объяснения

Alice howe already washed the dishes
Ally howe already watered flowers
Ally howe already bought cheese, chirps, fruit, juice, lettuce.
The girls howe already made sandwiches
The girls howe already made toast
The mother howe brang cola
Alice howe already prepared games
The father howe already repaired the DVD player
Alice howe already sweeped the paths in the garden
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