Помогите пожалуйста! 80 баллов!!!
Нужно написать диалог 8-10 реплик с каждой стороны!
Диалог между тур агентом и клиентом который хочет поехать в Австралию.
Нужно использовать Фразы из LANGUAGE SUPPORT!
Все написано в упр 7


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Travel Agent: How may I help you?

 Client: I'd like to make a flight reservation for the twenty-second of this month.

Travel Agent: Okay. What is your destination?

Client: Well, I'm flying to Canberra, Australia.

Travel Agent: Okay. Let me check what flight are available... Okay. And when will you be returning?

Client: Uh, well, I'd like to catch a return flight on the twenty-ninth. Oh, and I'd like the cheapest flight available.

Travel Agent: Okay, let me see. Um, hmm...

Client: Yeah?

Travel Agent: Well, the price for the flight is almost double the price you would pay if you leave the day before.

Client: Whoo. Let's go with the cheapet flight. By the way, how much is it?

Travel Agent: It's only $980.

Client: Oh, that sounds very exciting! Well, let's go with that. And what are the departure and arrival times for each of those flight?

Travel Agent: It leaves at 10:00 AM, arriving at 4:35 PM, then transfering to flight 90 at 5:55 and arriving in Canberra at 8:30 AM the next day.

Client: That soudns fine. And, uh, I'd like to request a vegetarian meal.
Travel Agent: Sure, no problem. And could I have your name, please?