Complete the sentence with one verb from the following list: leave, laugh, go, get, explain, hear, sleep, wait, clean, walk. Be careful with negative.

She didn’t understand the rule, so she asked me _______ it to her. Don’t wake me up early tomorrow. Let me __________ . Brain’s parents didn’t want him __________ married. They thought he was too young. It was a very funny film. It made me _________ . The room is very dirty. Can you help me ___________ it? What do you think about my problem? Where do you advise me ________ ? “Shall we begin our meeting?” “No, let’s __________ a little.” You are speaking in such a loud voice! I don’t want anybody ________ us. The weather is fine. Let’s _________ . 10. We can’t lock the door. I didn’t expect you __________ your keys at home.


Ответы и объяснения

1) explain
2) sleep
3) get
4) laugh
6) go
7) wait
8) hear
9) walk
10) leave