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In 1156 on the Borovitsky hill fortress built with the eight-meter shaft and powerful at the time with a wooden wall , up to 3 m high and 1,200 m long. Approximately in the form of strengthening lasted until winter 1237-1238 gg. , When hordes of Batu Khan sacked and burned Moscow, and with it the Kremlin . Over the next two centuries many trials befell Moscow and its tsitadeli.No with the city grows and strengthens the Kremlin . In 1339-1340 years. under Ivan Kalita erected powerful defenses , followed by the Grand Duke 's mansion , Metropolitan Chamber , white stone cathedrals. Moscow became a political and spiritual center of Russia , and the Kremlin - the residence of the grand dukes and metropolitans. In 1367-1368 years. Prince Dmitry Ivanovich , fearing another Mongol invasion , twine white stone fortress walls and towers , located at a distance of about 60 m from the old oak fortifications. Square of the Kremlin is almost modern razmerov.Obschaya length Kremlin walls in 2235 m, thickness from 3.5 to 6.5 and the height from 5 to 19 m from tower to tower walking in combat move 2-4 m wide , laid on faith wall. Outside cover his 1045 two-horned teeth height of 2-2.5 m thick and 65-70 cm , inside parapet wall . Once over the wall was a wooden gable roof sheltering the musketeers in bad weather and protects walls from rain, snow and wind. In the XVIII century . it burned down and is no longer recovered as unnecessary.

In 1973, in the Moscow Kremlin began large-scale restoration work. On some towers were replaced damaged sections of masonry