Infinitive or -ing? Put the verb in brackets in the right form, infinitive or -ing. Sometimes both are possible.ExamplesI enjoy walking (walk) in the rain.Would you like to have (have) something to eat?a. I want____________(see) a film on TV this evening.b. I hope____________(hear) from you soon. Bestwishes, Peter.c. When did you finish____________(paint) the kitchen?d. I began___________ (learn) English when I wasseven.e. Some people like____________(have) breakfast inbed, but I don't.f. Don't forget____________(post) my letter!g. We've decided____________(get) married in thespring.h. When she saw how I was dressed, she started------------------(laugh).i. What do you want____________(do) tonight?j. I'd like____________(go) to the theatre.k. I love____________(listen) to live music.1. I can't see you on Saturday. I promised____________(take) my children to the circus.m. She continued____________(talk) during the wholemeal.Completing sentencesMake one sentence about people's ambitions from the following prompts.ExampleSheila/teacher/work/with children.Sheila is going/wants/hopes/would like to be a teacherbecause she likes/loves/enjoys working with children.


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I enjoy walking in the rain.
Would you like to have something to eat?
I want to see a film on TV this evening.
I hope to hearing from you soon. Best wishes, Peter.
When did you finish painting the kitchen?
I began learning English when I was seven.
Some people like having breakfast in bed, but I don't.
Don't forget to post my letter!
We've decided to get married in the spring.
When she saw how I was dressed, she started laughing.
What do you want to do tonight?
I'd like to go to the threatre.
I love to listen to live music.
I can't see you on Saturday. I promised to take my children to the circus.
She continued talking during the whole meal.

1. Sheila, a teacher, works with children.
2. Sheila would like to be a teacher because she enjoys working with children.