Заранее большое спасибо.
1. Напишите предложения, как в примере. Example: Mother – clean the kitchen / I – wash up While mother was cleaning the kitchen I was washing up.
1. the boys – swim / the girls – play volleyball
2. Tom – buy vegetables / Kate – make coffee
3. Mrs Brown – do the shopping / her husband – ski
2.Agree or disagree.
1. She doesn’t learn French. (Да, не учит.)
2. They weren’t doing homework when their mother came home. (Нет, не делали)
3. She won’t be happy to see you. (Нет, будет.)
3. Write negative sentences with one of these verbs. Example: The sweets are not eaten.
answer build grow eat wear speak
1. The tower ... 2. The uniform ....3.The vegetables ... 4. French... 5. The questions ...
4. Write passive sentences as in the examples. Example: Do they clean the classroom? – Yes, the classroom is cleaned regularly.
1. Do they buy newspapers?Yes, newspapers.... regularly.
2. Do they water the flowers? Yes, the flowers.... regularly.
3. Do they discuss new books? Yes, new books ...regularly.


Ответы и объяснения

1.While the boys were swimming , the girls were playing volleyball . 2.While Tom was buying vegetables Kate was making coffee . 3. While Mrs Brown was doing the shopping her husband was skiing .
1. Agree 2. Agree 3. Disagree
1. The tower is not built 2. The uniform is not worn . 3. The vegetables are not grown . 4. French is not spoken 5. The questions are not answered
1. Yes, newspapers are bought regularly . 2. Yes, the flowers are watered regularly 3. Yes, new books are discussed regularly .