Забавная(смешная,интересная)история на английском языке, предложений 10-15.


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The American Bus is outcast transport. It is unimportant that it doesn’t run on our bumpy roads, but on excellent highway, high speed roads without traffic lights, a brilliant embodiment of the American style of life (it is roads that reflects a national character); it is unimportant, that it is equipped with the conditioner and a toilet, that it brakes near at "McDonald's" and other roadside cafes, the truth, and brakes at night, in not absolutely fixed time for meal … It is important, that the middle class and up fly by planes or go cars even on short distance.

Each six hours the driver changes and so does of driving style. The driver in an American bus is a unique figure. He is the guide (look to the left - there is a pine which has grown through the rock, see they have fenced it in), and a policeman (and who else is supposed to keep order?), and a judge in any conflict, and a high professional …