Переделать предложения в Active Voice
1. The books were borrowed from the central library.
2. An interesting problem was discussed at the lecture.
3. The newspapers are usually brought in the morning.
4. When was the Moscow University founded?
5. All the work will be done by automatic machinery.
6. New houses are bulk everywhere: in cities, towns, and villages.
7. The experiments will be completed by the end of the week.
8. The young workers are trained to use the new equipment.
9. A lot of time is given to the study of the new methods of work.
10. The lectures on mathematics were attended by all the students.
11. English sportsmen will be met by the students of the Institute of Physical Culture.


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1. We borrowed the books from the central library.
2.  at the lecture we discussed  an interesting problem
3. They  usually bring newspapers in the morning.