Ответы и объяснения

1. In my kitchen there is a fridge, cooler, bananas, oranges and other fruits. I love when my mom cook something delicious!
2. I have a nice TV and a computer. When the Pope on Sunday is not going to work, we sit down and watch a movie. when we ask the school to find any information I first do all the written lessons and then sit down at the computer to search for information on the Internet.
3. In my kitchen there is a beautiful table and chairs. near the window. windowsill and different flowers
4. My home is in a beautiful city of Moscow in Russia
5. My father comes home late. sometimes when we have guests and father comes home he asks me to make him coffee. and then when the guests go home, we sit down and have dinner and then go to bed.
6. When Sunday we sometimes after the movie. go to shopping malls sometimes parks.

Вот надеюсь всё что нужно!