Part 1 . Choose the item.
1. She will .... speak English better if she works hard.
a) be able to b) can c) must
2. When you phoned me I .... lunch.
a) used to have b) had c) was having
3. Mr Brown has to travel a lot of but it"s not a problem for him. He is used to ....
a) travel b) travels c) travelling
4. Can you see ... bird in the tree?
a) this b ) that c) those
5. Can you give me ... same ball, please?
a) a b) the c) -
6. She"s just come , ..... ?
a) isn"t she b) hasn't she c) has she
7. They ... lunch , they are in the classroom now.
a) have b) had c) have had
8. I know him. I ... to him many times.
a ) have spoken b) have been speaking c) am speaking
9. I am writing an article for a magazine. I .... it since Sunday.
a) am writing b) have been writing c) have written
10. They have lived in Odessa .... 1995
a) since b) for c) in


Ответы и объяснения

2013-12-14T07:26:49+00:00 able to
2.was having
6.Hasnt she 
8.Have been speaking writing