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1. In a music Kurmangazy sirgobaev was an innovator?2. Musical instrument, which will configure the choir and different tools?3. The introduction of a new musical material on the basis of this music?4. One of kyuis Kurmangazy sirgobaev?5. One of the founders of the theatre in Kyzyl-Orda... Shanin?6. View polyphony, when all the voices sing the same melody, but come at different times?7. Collective of musicians playing different instruments?8. Mood song «My Kazakhstan»?9. Words to the song «Kazakhstan» wrote?10. The first word in the song «Hymn to school»?11. Kurmangazy .......?12. ..... Mukhamedzhanov?13. Instrumental work for dombra or the kobyz?14. latif albuthaevish ....?15. One of kyuis Kurmangazy ?16. Variations S.Muhamedganova on the theme of the Kazakh folk songs ...?17. Oratorio S.Muhamedganova «Voice.....»?18. How is Opera L. Khamidi, hybanova?19. In 1929, the capital of Kazakhstan was?20. Lad in his work «balbrayn»?
мне лень рисовать но я нашла на русском переведёшь потои эти слова