Напишите пожалуйста небольшой рассказ на английском на эту тему: "How I Usually Spend the Weekend"?


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Starting from Wednesday I begin to look forward to the weekends.
My weekends usually start on Friday afternoon. I come back from school, throw my bag into the corner and go to meet my friends. I haven’t seen them for five days, so I missed them very much.
On Friday we usually go to the city centre. We go to a pizzeria or a café, and then we go to the cinema and watch there a new film. We usually like to watch comedies. But sometimes we go bowling.
On Saturday mornings and afternoons I usually help my mother about the house. My mother usually cooks and I clean our flat. My friends and I like to play table games such as Monopoly. Also we like watching films.
On Sunday I usually sleep till midday. I can play computer games, surf the Internet. Then I get ready for the coming Monday. I do my home tasks. The rest of the day I spend with my family. It has become our tradition to have family dinner on Sundays.
So, I have enough emotions after the weekend to spend the working week energetically.
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