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After five-day labor week there come days off. For these days it would be desirable to have a rest so that the next week to work with full return of those forces which were typed by us for week-end.
     Saturday morning it would be desirable to have a sleep longer. Saturday morning all our family clears up in good mood, in a presentiment of the forthcoming days off.
     After late awakening, having had breakfast, all of us together quickly tide up apartment and we go for a walk. We often go to wood. Wood is located near to our house. In wood there is a horizontal bar. I, my brother and the father we train on it. Sometimes we go down to Volga and we look as a wave hit about coast as the ships as fishermen fish float.
     In the evening I play with parents and the brother in chess and dominoes. And still I with the brother play the computer. Mum and the father go to watch TV. On Saturday many interesting telecasts.
     After productive leisure going to bed we very quickly we fall asleep with thought on that that tomorrow there will be one more day off.