Поставьте глаголы в скобках во времена Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect или Past Perfect Continuous.

works in a real-estate agency. Three years ago he (be) unemployed and (search for) any job. Every day he
(read) advertisements about jobs. He (decide) to try. At first it (be)
difficult and he (not, do) deals alone.
But soon he (learn) job well and last year he (become) the best agent.
By the end of the year he (sell) many apartments and (receive) a big bonus.
Yesterday he (work) with a client who (want) to buy a huge flat in the very
centre of the city. They (discuss)
details of the deal for one hour. At last they (sign) the documents. Once John (look for) a flat for a very bossy man. He
(look for) it for two months, but in the end the client (refuse) because he
(buy) a better one through another agency! Although the job is nervous, John
likes it very much.


Ответы и объяснения

1. was; 2. was searching for; 3. read; 4. decided; 5. was; 6. wasn't doing; 7. learnt; 8. became; 9. had sold; 10. had receive; 11. worked; 12. wanted; 13. were discussing4 14. signed; 15. looked for; 16. had been looking for; 17. refused; 18. had bought