Поставьте глаголы в скобках в нужную видовременную форму.
A new bank (built) in our street now.
Newspapers (sell) everywhere.
All the money (spend).
The tickets (order) already.
Your article (publish) inamonth.
Delegates (meet) a station tomorrow morning.
The agreement (sign) last week.
A largesum of money (invest) to a new project next year.
At the bank you (ask) to sign up an application form.
All the calculations (make) by these machines.
It's not true that dirzy bank notes (not accept) by banks or shops.
If you don't pay back next mohtn you(charge) acommission.
The balance of your account (check) easily at any timy.
The instructions(not translate) yesterday.
New training facilities(provide) for the employees.


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A new bank is being built in our street now.
Newspapers are sold everywhere.
 All the money is spent
The  tickets have been already ordered .
 Your article will be published in a month.
 Delegates are going to be met a station tomorrow morning.
The agreement was signed last week.
 A largesum of money will be invested to a new project next year.
 At the bank you are asked to sign up an application form. 
All the calculations are made by these machines.
 It's not true that dirzy bank notes aren't accepted by banks or shops.
 If you don't pay back next month you will be chareged acommission.
 The balance of your account is checked easily at any timy.
 The instructions were not tranlated yesterday.
 New training facilities are provided for the employees.
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