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I have already washed my hair
We cleaned his book
They finished your work
She found our juice
Mike has just drunk their room
и тоже самое токо с этими словами
I havent the story
You read the address
We heard their food
Our pets got the letter
Her brothyer hasnt eaten the concert
Your daughter written


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I have already washed my hair. 
 We have  already finished our room.
They have already found their book.
She has just drunk her juice.
Mike has just cleaned his work.
I haven't read the story.
You haven't eaten their food.
We haven't heard the adress. 
Her brother hasn't written the letter.
Your daughter hasn't got the concert. 
I have already washed my hair
We cleaned our room
They finished their work
She found her book
Mike has drunk his juice

I haven't written the letter
You haven't read the story
We haven't got the address
Her brother hasn't
Our pets haven't eaten their food
Her daughter hasn't

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