Помогите составить предложения с
1)to have a lifelong friendship
2)to click straight away
3)to agree with each other
4)to be mean
5)to feel ashamed of oneself
6)to fall out
7)to stick together
8)to make up with someone
9)to matter
10)to let someone down
11)to giggle
12)to miss someone
13)to show off
14)to bully somebody
15)to feel disappointed


Ответы и объяснения

1) Olga and Marina have a lifelong friendship
2) They will click straight away and run away
3) We don't agree with each other
4) He is the most mean person I have ever met
5) I feel ashamed of oneself for this action
6) This precipitation fall out in every region
7) We are the best friends so we usually stick together
8) I want to make up it with my effort
9) It doesn't matter
10) I can't let my brother fall down 
11) I don't like that she always giggles
12) We miss our parents
13) They show off very often
14) Don't bully anybody
15) I don't like to feel disappointed