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I asked Mike:"Have you packed your suitcase?"
I asked Kate:"Did anybody meet you at the station?"


Ответы и объяснения

1. I asked Mike if he had packed his suitcase. 
2. I asked Kate if somebody had met her at the station. 
3. I asked her if she could give me their address. 
4. I asked Tom if he had had breakfast. 
5. I asked my sister if she would stay at home or go for a walk after dinner. 
6. I asked my mother if somebody had come to see me. 
7. I asked my sister if would Nick call for her on the way to school. 
8. She asked the young man if he could call a taxi for her. 
9. Mary asked Peter if he had shown his photo to Dick. 
10. Tanya asked me if I would come there the next day. 
11. He asked us if we had gone to the museum that morning. 
12. I asked Mike if his friend lived in London. 
13. I asked the man if he was living in a hotel. 
14. Nick asked his friend if he would stay at the "Hilton". 
15. He asked me if I often went to see my friends. 
16. He asked me if I would see my friends before I left St. Petersburg. 
17. Mike asked Jane if she would come to the railway station to see him off. 
18. She asked me if I had sent them a telegram. 
19. She asked me if I had sent them a telegram the day before.