Расставьте слова в правильном порядке.

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И ещё вопрос кто нашёл сайт, по ответам ACTIVITY BOOK(12-е издание) И Student's Book(16-е издание)? Кузовлев 9 класс.


1)The children wanted to know / at secondary school / if / more homework / there would be.

2)Rick asked / children / what marks / at British schools / got

3) Liz wanted to know / all her fiends / what to do after school / had already dicided / if

4) Steven was interested / at elementary schools / all the children / if had had good marks

5) A boy asked / what shool / had been to / Prince William

6) Some children wanted to know / could work / teens / where.


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1)The children wanted to know  if  there would be more homework at secondary school.

2)Rick asked what marks children got at British schools.

3) Liz wanted to know if all her friends had already dicided what to do after school.

4) Steven was interested if all the children had had good marks at elementary schools.

5) A boy asked what shool Prince William had been to.

 6) Some children wanted to know where teens could work .