Помогите раскрыть скобки с помощью past simple и past continious
1. Last night at 6 pm, i (to eat) dinner
2. I (to watch) TV when she (to call)
3. When the phone (to ring), she (to write)
4. Liza (to sing) a song and quickly (to go) out
5. I 9to open) the book, (to find) the right page ant (to start) reading aloud.
6.She(To come) home and (to lay) down on the sofa.
7. What you (to do) when the earthquake (to start)?
8. I (to listen) to my Ipod, so I (not, hear) the fire alarm
9. You ( not, listen) to me when I (to tell) you to turn the oven off
10. While John (to sleep) last night, someone (to steal) his car
11. Sammy (to wait) for us when we (to get) off the plane
12 While i (to write) the email, the computer suddenly

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там еще ._.
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не я сейчас еше задам :3

Ответы и объяснения

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1. Last night at 6 PM I was eating dinner.
2. I was watching TV when she called.
3. When the phone rang, she was writting.
4. Liza sang a song and quickly went out.
5. I opened the book, found the right page and started reading aloud.
6. She came home and laid down on the sofa.
7. What were you doing when the earthquake started?
8. I was listening to my iPod, so I didn't hear the fire alarm.
9. You weren't listening to me when I told you to turn the oven off.
10. While John was sleeping last night, someone stole his car.
11. Sammy was waiting for us when we got off the plane.
12. While I was writting the email, the computer suddnely went off.