Сочинение в Past Simple что я делала и что я не делала в январе минимум 10 предложений ДАЮ МНОГО


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'My Past January'.


Well, the January 2012 went by and I did not even notice those times. My January was pretty unsual.Firstly, I went to grandmother's birthday in the beginning of the month. I also visited the National Museum in Moscow,Russia just right in the middle of january. It was very exciting! 

I have graduated from acting school here,in my town. Now i have a diploma which can help me with my future occupation.

I bought some new clothes as a little present for myself for the beginning of a new 2012 year!

I did not waste my time,so I also started learning french which always had been my dream.

I went to school,as usually. I did all my home tasks and studied hard.

And I finally bought a dog! Her name is Linda. I was so happy, because it has always been my dream from the childhood.

I think January went very good and I am happy with that a new chapter of my life has begun! February,here I go!


10 предложений. =) Не волнуйтесь, без ошибок и со смыслом. Про Москву можете заменить на любой другой город, про собаку - тоже самое. Удачи!