Напишите пожалуйста сочинение на тему " идеальный мир " и если не сложно потом на англ языке...
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Ответы и объяснения

       During a lot of years man constantly dreamt of a better society- a society which will banish the evils and hardships which he is having to endure  For instanse, Sir Thomas More. He wrote book named "Utopia". I agree with him that world he described in this book is ideal.
       In his book Thomas More described a society where the community was not separated on social classes, all people enjoyed equal rank and rights, also it was no private property just because the last led to envy and strife. Everybody wore the same clothes without  any jewellery or finery because that would proclaim the superiorty of one person over another. Everyone had to work for 7 hours a day and so on.... 
       It is a good example of ideal life. I would like to add to his book some points, such as having lots of money, to live way you want to (with special limits, of course). Ideal life is the life where all dreams come true. It is just my opignon. 
      Ideal life is good thing, but I dont want to live that way, because different problems make your life more interesting.