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Wealth and poverty, a concept closely related to
social stratification. Social
disparities are closely associated with economic
inequality that characterizes
the uneven distribution of scarce
the company's resources - money, power, education and
prestige between the various strata or
layers of the population.
The main measure of inequality are
the amount of liquid values. This function
usually perform money. This number of
determines the place of the individual or family in
social stratification. If inequality
to present in the form of scale, a pole
will be those who owns the most (the rich) , and the
another is the lowest (poorest) the number of utilities.
Thus, poverty is an economic and
socio-cultural status of people with
minimum amount of liquid values and
limited access to social benefits.
Wealth is abundance of a person or a society
tangible and intangible assets, such
as money, means of production, real estate
or personal property. To riches you can also
include access to health, education and
culture. In sociology rich is the
a person who has significant
values in relation to other members
In our country the highest class of owners
makes about 3% of the total population, began
formed in the late 80-s, when Russia
turned to market economy, democracy and
class society on the Western type. During
about five years emerged as a class
the rich "new Russians"and social tracks
society living for
poverty line.
Questions of wealth and poverty studied as
economists and sociologists. Adam Smith created
the theory about the nature of the capital and its ways
the increase. David Ricardo developed the views of Smith and
complements their original theories land
rent and international trade. Thomas Malthus
for the first time showed that rapid population growth
it poses a greater threat to the riches of the country.
John Stuart mill deepened their theory
predecessors and substantiated the necessity of
the free market for the greatest
economic growth and increasing wealth
people and society.
Among sociologists studying problems
social and economic inequalities can be
called the P. Sorokin, P. Абрахамсона, Gordon L. A.
and other
The theme of wealth and poverty of excited people in all
the days and times. Now, during the global
the financial crisis, when thousands and millions
people falling into the abyss of poverty, this theme
becomes particularly relevant.