Помогите! Нужно написать о школе, не важно о какой!Вот план1)name2)adress-city,street,center3)type profile-private4)staff-tichers-tehnical5)rooms6)finance

private school
Нужно предложений 10-15
staff Ogaya
смотри по сути, просто придумываешь предложения, адрес, город, какой профиль школы, переводчик если что в помощь)

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My school N 345 is situated in the center of  our city. Its address is 86, Ostrovckaya Street. It is a private school. My school is large and light. There are three floors in it. There is a gym, a library, a canteen and a few classrooms on the ground floor. There are many classrooms and a teachers’ room on the first and on the second floors.  Our classrooms are very large and light. There are twelve desks, a teacher’s table, a blackboard and many flowers in our classrooms. The most important thing for me at school is to study well, respect teachers and other adults, follow the rules of my school and wear a school uniform. I try to do my homework perfectly and get good marks. My favourite school subjects are English, History and Literature. I’m fond of sport and music. So I two years ago I joined our school clubs: Basketball club and Musical club. My school life is wonderful. There are lots of concerts, performances and sport competitions in our school. My classmates and I often take part in different school events. I have a lot of friends in my class.  Our teachers are kind and intelligent and my classmates are smart and friendly.