Найти ошибки в предложениях,помогите пожалуйста,предложения желательно записывать целиком..
1) The model of ship was made by the young worker.
2) The hospital is been visited by Jonn.
3) The meeting was organized by our the class yesterday.
4) The new planer were discovered by the spaceship.
5) The first prize was win by our friend.
6) The dog was calling Blackie by Jonn.
7) The computer is being been used by us in this project.
8) The small house in the woods is build by Jack.


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1)the model of the ship....
2)the hospital has been visited by john(но не уверена)
3)the meeting was organized by our class yesterday
4)the new planner was discovered...
5)the first prize was won by...
6)the dog was called by...
7)не знаю
8)the small house in the woods was build by...